Seeking the legal advice of a professional in any situation can be a large step to take. Whether buying a new house, expanding a business, or embarking upon a divorce, it is important to find the lawyer who will adequately understand the desires and needs of a client as well as possess a strong awareness of legal factors involved in any given situation. As a full service lawyer, based in Waunakee and Reedsberg, Wisconsin, Christopher Duren has for over a decade worked hard to protect the rights of his clients. After academic success at both the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and Samford University, Cumberland school of law, he decided to open his own practice within his hometown. This gave him a huge advantage as a startup, as he was aware of the legal landscape within the area and could easily relate to his clients from the outset.

It can be unfortunately rare for legal professionals to stay true to a strong ethos, but Christopher Duren has proved a strong commitment to providing a service that is both professional and personable. In each individual case Chris Duren, a rooted and dedicated legal professional, is well aware of the attention to detail necessary in order to achieve success. After graduating many in the legal profession decide to specialize immediately and only offer services in family law, or business law, or real estate, etc. It may seem a risk to offer representation in any aspect of legal dispute, however Christopher Duren knew that he could provide a far more comprehensive service within his area by not specializing. Instead of having to find different lawyers to accommodate for their changing needs, his clients can enjoy a longer lasting and trustworthy relationship with him.

Since 1997, Duren Law Office, LLC has built a steady and strong reputation that extends beyond the local community. With the resources to successfully represent citizens across a variety of legal services, estate planning, criminal defense, civil litigation, personal injury advice, and more, means that clients have remained loyal. This longstanding client attorney relationship was what Christopher Duren had envisioned as part of his successful career. Every case is treated individually, and with tailored advice there is a far greater opportunity for success.

In Christopher Duren: Sticking up for You read more about his unparalleled dedication to clients across aspects of law.

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    Best Service in area

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